Griffith Labs


Protein Seasonings

We offer ingredient blends that enhance the taste, texture, functionality and appearance of beef, pork, poultry, seafood and other protein based products.

Internal seasonings for fresh, cooked and dried sausages and patties
Inject, tumble and static marinades for whole muscle and formed products
Glazes for application in dry and/or wet form
Rubs and sprinkle-ons
Cures for color stability

Side-Dish Seasonings

We offer ground seasoning blends or whole spices that deliver flavor to enhance rice and potato dishes, bread, vegetable blends, pasta and fruit salads.

Snack Seasonings

We provide flavoring systems that deliver a variety of taste experiences — from authentic ethnic to traditional savory combinations. Typical applications include potato and corn-based products, pretzels, crackers and extruded snacks.

Sauces, Gravies and Soups Mixes

We offer a variety of products designed for easy preparation and processing to meet your manufacturing and foodservice requirements. Flavors range from traditional savory meat, dairy and vegetable-based varieties to ethnic specialties.

Salsa and Condiments

We offer a wide variety of ready-to-use dressings, condiments, salsas, and fruit toppings in bulk and portion packs to meet your manufacturing and foodservice requirements. Our portion pack solutions serve market needs by providing food safety, convenience and portability.

Texture Systems

We offer a range of cereal-based products used individually or in combination to create your preferred texture system.

Plain or seasoned predusts
Tempura, adhesion, cohesion, plain or seasoned batter systems
Japanese, homestyle and sweet bread crumbs
Savory or seasoned croutons
Savory or seasoned stuffing crumbs
Binder cereals for ground meat and/or vegetable-based applications

Bakery and Dough Blends

We developed to reduce preparation complexity. These blends require only the addition of water or other liquid. We offer pizza dough, pancake and biscuit mixes.

Some products are not available in all areas.

About Griffith

Griffith Laboratories is a global manufacturer of food products. We provide a wide range of taste and texture components for food industry customers throughout the world. Our products include seasoning blends, dry mixes, coating systems, dough blends, crumbs, flavors, sauces and food bases that are used in an extensive variety of applications from snack foods and processed meat and poultry to ready meals.

Our customers include food processors, restaurant operators and grocery retailers. While our name may not be familiar to consumers, our products are key components of foods offered by many of the world's best-known companies.

Founded in 1919, Griffith Laboratories is a privately held, third-generation entrepreneurial family business. Today, Griffith Laboratories proudly serves the international food industry with coverage in all major markets with manufacturing facilities, sales locations, development laboratories and more than 2500 employees worldwide.