Acesulfame K

Acesulfame k (Acesulfame Potassium) is used in thousands of food and beverage products worldwide as a calorie-free intense sweetener. It has approximately two hundred times the sweetness of sugar. It was discovered in 1967 and approved for use as a general purpose sweetener by the FDA in 1988.

Acesulfame k is a white, odourless, free flowing crystalline powder consisting of carbon, nitrogen, oxygen, hydrogen, sulphur, and potassium atoms. It has an excellent, ten year shelf life.

It is not hydroscopic, is freely soluble in water but only slightly soluble in alcohols. It is physically and chemically stable even at high temperatures and does not break down when cooked or baked. It does not react with other involved ingredients or additives.

It can be used on its own or combined with other sweeteners to produce differing taste profiles. When combined with other sweeteners, its synergistic effects can produce the same sweetness with up to 30% savings in quantities used.

Chemical name : potassium salt of 6-methyl-1,2,3- oxathiazine-4(3H)-one 2,2-dioxide
Chemical formula : C4H4KNO4S
Molecular weight : 201.24
CAS Number : 55589-62-3
E Number : E950


Aspartame is the most widely used intense sweetener in the world, being an ingredient in approximately 6,000 consumer foods and beverages worldwide. Among its many applications are beverages, dairy products, frozen desserts, chewable vitamin supplements, sugar-free chewing gums and as a tabletop sweetener.
Aspartame was discovered in 1969, and was approved in 1981 by the FDA for use in foods.

Aspartame is produced from two amino acids - aspartic acid and phenylalanine - and is 180 times sweeter than sugar.

Synonyms : Aspartylphenylalanine methyl ester; Aspartame; APM
Chemical name : N-(L-a-Aspartyl)-L-phenylalanine, 1-methyl ester
Chemical formula : C14H18N2O5
Molecular weight : 294.31
CAS Number : [22839-47-0]
E Number : E951
Melting Point : 246-247° C

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