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Winway Polydextrose Family

WINWAY® polydextrose is a low calorie, sugar free, low glycaemic, speciality carbohydrate that is prebiotic and widely recognised as Dietary fibre. It offers a range of physiological and functional benefits.

Approved for use in over 50 countries, food manufacturers can rely upon WINWAY® Polydextrose in the formulation of low calorie, sugar free, reduced sugar, low fat foods and beverages. WINWAY® Polydextrose can also lower glycaemic response while adding fibre to all kinds of processed foods. WINWAY® Polydextrose is a multi-functional ingredient with a wide variety of applications, including baked goods, dairy products, nutrition bars, cereals, beverages, confections, chocolate, yoghurt, salad dressings, among many others.

WINWAY® Polydextrose is a polysaccharide composed of randomly cross-linked glucose, 1 kcal/g calories. It has 3 types, powder and aqueous, to meet requirements of almost all food applications and the demand of specific production process.

About Winway

 Founded in 1994, Winway is a leading supplier in the Asia-Pacific region of polydextrose, soy fibre, ingredients solutions and services to food, beverage and pharmaceutical customers.

Winway has factories in Henan and Nanhui, and headquarters and our innovation center in Shanghai and employs 112 people (up till April 2008).

Currenttly, Winway is specialized in Multifunctional Fibres for food and pharmaceutical producers. We are dedicated to long-term, steady and fruitful cooperative relationships.